Monday, December 24, 2012


                Happy Christmas Eve Eve. I have no idea when this will actually get posted, but I’m writing it on the 23rd. I’ve been home for just over a week and nothing super exciting has happened. Obviously the world didn’t end on Friday. Finals week went fine. I didn’t stay super on top of my studying, mostly doing it the night before each test. I had four tests. They all went alright. I must have kicked ass on one of them, because I ended up with the highest grade in that class. My grades weren’t as good as past semesters since I was dealing with the whole depression/extreme procrastination, but they were perfectly respectable. I’m just super lucky, being really smart and everything just working out in my favor. Barry was in town on Thursday of finals week to take care of some stuff since he was graduating that Saturday. We went out to eat and talked and he spent the night in my room. I sort of came out to him, but we didn’t really talk about it, so he’s still a little in the dark about stuff. I knew he’d be OK with it, though, since his roommate the year I met him was bi. I was a little sad I couldn’t drink that Thursday night, since I had a test on Friday as well as an appointment with Dr. H and then I left right after my test. All my friends were done on Thursday so they were out together on that night. Oh, well. It was fun seeing Barry. I wish my mom had come to pick up me and Lils on Saturday so I could have had a night to screw around with Vee and Anneh and them Friday night.
                Home hasn’t been too exciting. I haven’t been able to hang out with high school friends yet. I did run into one friend while she was at work, so we got to talk a little bit. I’m hanging out with her and a group of other people next week sometime. I’ve read three books, watched a bunch of movies. I went to a couple movies in the theater with Mum and Lils. One of them was the Hobbit. It was alright, but I’m more a fan of the book. Mostly I’ve been sitting at home. We have way too many holiday snacks in the house, so I’m eating and sleeping way too much. My older sister is driving home tonight, so she should be home in a couple hours. I went to the mall with my dad when he was trying to find a gift for Mum. I saw a couple people I hadn’t seen in years walking around there, though none I knew enough to say hello (except my aunt and my cousin. Of course we talked to them.) One of the guys I saw got really hot. He’d always been sort of cute, but wow. It must have been a lot longer since I’d seen him than I realized, because he’d definitely grown. But as I could have predicted, nothing has really been happening with guys here at home. I’m really limited in internet privacy, so I can’t chat to any guys online, and since I’m in the house most of the day, I don’t even get to check out guys walking around. It makes it easier to forget about the whole gay thing. I’ve also noticed, however, that I’m less content here at home. It seems more restrictive. I’m thinking more about coming out to my parents. It’s still not going to be something I’m going to do in the immediate future, but it’s looking like it might happen a lot sooner than I would have thought if you’d have asked me a couple of months ago. I’ll just have to wait and see what happens. Anyway, I hope everyone has a good Christmas. It’s actually going to be a semi-white Christmas where I am (it snowed last Wednesday) if it doesn’t warm up in the next couple of days (our first white Christmas in a couple years. It usually waits until January to snow much).

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