Friday, April 20, 2012

Blogging Virginity Lost

So. It's just me and my computer. Once again I'm procrastinating, only this is the first blog I've ever made for that purpose. We'll see how it goes. Maybe I'll never post again, maybe I'll use it to continue procrastinating by putting random rants on here, or maybe I'll use it as a journal. That last one isn't too likely. I have too many secrets that I'm not ready to share. Not even with strangers anonymously on the internet.
     So. I'm a college student at a large university. I don't think you can figure out which one by creeping my profile. I'd feel kinda ridiculous trying to be all anonymous if it fails miserably. I'm still learning this website and stuff, and email addresses I've never used for sites will randomly pop up sometimes. So hopefully that won't happen here. I suppose you can tell from that that computers aren't my forte. I'm not really amazing at any subject in school, hence my lack of direction, hence my dissatisfaction with life, hence the name of this blog. I've been super unmotivated this semester because I'm realizing that I have no idea what I want to do when I graduate. I still have a couple years, but if I'm not going to be happy with a job with my current major, I might still have time to change. I've have to go to college five years probably, but oh well. The problem is that no other majors sound more interesting than the one I have now.
    This is all for now. Kinda short and random, but give me a break. It's my first time. Maybe I'll come back soon with some rants about my friends or students who are pre-med (I have to deal with a lot of them). We'll see. Not that I'm expecting large numbers of visitors, but if anyone wants to correct my grammar, feel free. I do try and write well with everything I do. Not that I really succeed. Oh well, that's my life. Till next time, whenever that is.

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